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Some of Marina's most memorable routines

A small presentation of Marina's routines over the years. Look for the videos in the video section

Clubs 2004/2005


With screeching noises and choral hums at the beggining Marina leads you to the dramatic development of the routine. Marina brilliantly follows the changes of rhythm with her body movements, creatively moving the clubs in perfect accordance with the music, with every mill matching every note. From the opening throw through the energetic jumps and leaps and solid balances with never-stopping clubs, right to the one of the most expressive and dynamic endings to a routine in the '00s, the performance cannot leave you indifferent. It was exactly this ending position that was the cherry on top on nevertheless amazing routine, that made that little click, that made me fall in love with Marina and realized that sometimes RG is close to art....


Rope 2005/2006


One hot one and a half minute! This routine is pure ecstasy! Performed to the fabulous cut of Freddy Mercury's Living on my own, it has been a hallmark for how a rope routine of the new millenium should look. Amazing rope handling, moving all the time, leaving some moments just for the pure dance and going wild between the wonderfully choreographed elements. A few amazing throws and catches, of which most memorable the opening one, throw during the front walkover, and catch during sky-high straddle jump, and the final up-to-the-ceiling throw with roll around leg into final position. A crowd favourite....


Ball 2005/2006


Another one to Freddy Mercury, this time to Exercises in free love. Beautifully choreographed emotion studded routine is one of the most admired of Marina's routines. Fluidity and musicality of the routine is amazing, and slow rolls and soft throws and catches are performed during transitions in music, which adds to the already breathtaking Marina's presence on the carpet. As ball leaves us in 2007, I believe that this routine which is already a classic in its own right, can take an honourable place in RG routines Hall of Fame...


Clubs 2005/2006


Marina is always great with clubs, and so she is in this routine to Theme/Horse song mix using music by Valentin Vasenkov from Russian animated feature Alyosha Popovich and Tugarin Zmei. From the opening Theme, where Marina is moving herself and the apparatus more gently than quickly leading us to the frenetic beats and chants of the Horse Song, the routine is so exciting it seems like only a moment has passed instead of 1:30... Priceless facial expression and little dance sections, as well as original clubs handling make this routine so special...

Ribbon 2004/2005/2006
This lyrical routine has been characterized as "poetry in motion". Kept from 2004 all the way to 2006 with slight choreographical adjustments, it has made many RG fans fall in love with Marina on carpet. Variety of pivots, extraordinary control and handling of the ribbon not so often seen nowadays, your heart is beating as strong as the beats of the drum section in the music piece "Flowers (Valeria) and with every breath of the vocal you are left more and more breathless as routine comes to conclusion. This routine seems to be the most inspiring for fans, photographers, etc, and even for those who just wanted to get a glimpse of the RG world ("Wait, wait, rewind it, look what she just did with that ribbon!...") Yeah, yeah, we know



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